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Are you a real-life hidden figure on her way to changing the world? You could win a scholarship to help make your STEM dreams come true! PepsiCo and 21st Century Fox are partnering to find the next generation of girls and women who will lead the way in STEM. Sound like you? Enter the Search for Hidden Figures by Dec. 10!


$200,000 in Scholarships

We’ll be awarding $200,000 total in scholarships to 12 standout finalists. Winners will also receive exclusive opportunities and more from PepsiCo and Hidden Figures.


Pharrell Williams
Producer, Hidden Figures
Elizabeth Gabler
President, Fox 2000 Pictures
Donna Gigliotti
Producer, Hidden Figures
Ellis Rubinstein
President and CEO, New York Academy of Sciences

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STEM Skills


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—fields that the world needs today more than ever. STEM graduates are helping us tackle many of the world’s most complex challenges—developing smart sustainable technologies, and finding new ways to feed our growing global population.

As demand for these skill sets grow, a shortage of STEM candidates has emerged. Projections indicate that by 2018 there could be 2.4 million unfilled STEM jobs in the U.S. alone.¹ And although women make up 48% of the workforce, they hold only 23% of STEM positions.2 By helping more women launch STEM careers, we can make major strides in solving the STEM job gap.

Do you think you might have a hidden talent for STEM? Try a few of our fun STEM games, and find out!

Sources ¹ "Depiction and Interaction Opportunities." Creative 3-D Display and Interaction Interfaces (n.d.): 161-209. The White House. The White House, 10 Feb. 2016. Web. 28 Oct. 2016. ² "STEM." Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Web. 1 Nov. 2016.

Science Icon Science

Put your biology skills to the test and explore the principles of nucleotide bonds with our DNA puzzle game

Technology IconTechnology

Go behind the screen and get an inside look at how HTML is used to build your favorite websites

Engineering IconEngineering

Get a feel for what it’s like to be an agricultural engineer as you integrate sustainable technology into a modern-day farm

Math IconMathematics

Tap into your inner physicist as you try to land rockets on fast-moving planets in our rocket launch simulator

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Thank you for your interest, but The Search for Hidden Figures contest is only open to identifying female participants.


Thank you for your interest, but The Search for Hidden Figures contest is only open to female identifying participants age 13 and above.


Thank you for your interest, but the Search For Hidden Figures contest is only open to legal residents of the United States residing in one of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia (the “Territory”).