Houston, We Have a Problem Solver

STEM skills are the foundation of many of the world’s most important industries today, and they’re only becoming more important as we soar into the future. These fun, interactive games illustrate basic STEM concepts that are the building blocks of many jobs in the field. Start thinking outside the box, and you may discover hidden STEM talents of your own!


Technology, Programming, Problem Solving

Coding powers technology all around us and is the building block of the digital world. All of your devices rely on code to operate properly, and industries such as banking and journalism rely more and more on developers every day. In this game, play developer for the day as you comb through lines of HTML code and try to find the missing piece. Select the right one to keep your site up and running!


Mathematics, Physics, Critical Thinking

Mathematics is used to determine how artificial and natural objects move in the solar system. For example, astronauts use math to make precise calculations of the velocity and angle of their spacecraft as it travels through space. In this game, you’ll launch rockets into deep space and facilitate safe landings by carefully selecting launch timing. Think fast—the clock is ticking!


Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Biology

DNA is considered the blueprint of biological life. Every day, scientists build upon each other’s findings to expand our understanding of DNA, leading to research into genetics and heredity aimed at improving all aspects of our lives. In this game, try your hand at assembling your own nucleotide strand—an essential building block of DNA—before the clock runs out!


Engineering, Sustainable Farming Practices, Ecology

Today, farmers are turning to sustainable agriculture practices to increase production without compromising land for future generations. Engineering plays an important role, from designing new equipment to finding solutions for pollution control. In this game, build your own sustainable farm by strategically placing components for maximum efficiency. Time is ticking — get growing!

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